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Billionaire Mindset & How you can be one

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Palace Like this Don't come from Comfort Zone , Wake UP

Everybody want Money , But the Question is How Much .

It's really hard to start but remember where all billionaire started there office.

Getting stared at small point and Build Empier .

Here are top 5 Points to be Billionaire .

1] Find a need

If you are able to find what the people need in day today's life ,with totally different topic and no compititors ." you can get a good start ". There are plenty of example in market , You can search which made some Billionaire . You have to thing in such a way that makes people life will be better with it , start with yourself first .

What you can find in this photo its called as Golden Tea

Its made up of Turmeric Powder and Milk .

If you could start with tea shop called Golden Tea and only one item just make your brand bye the time .

It's a Need to be changed as people can be better by this as they where with regular tea .

2] Find a Problem

Find the problem faced by peoples , work on it and Solve it . Take a Look at elon musk he found the problem people faced while driving an a car , So TESLA Autopliot came in picture , it change the way of driving school & Who can forget about amazon greatest online shopping center changed the way of shopping .

their are many unrevealed problems which you can solve it .

3] Do the thing you love , Which you are Passinate About .

Bill gates one of the best example about how you should be passinate about your.

doing things which you love will always make you smarter than you where before . No one got success in first go but patience and Passinate will force you to try again , the word is common but come meaning is so hard to explain .

4] Be Investore not Saver

If you are just saving your money you will just live a normal life as you are living now , investing can increase net worth . By investing you are putting your money to work the platform may depend and so the returns . Remeber one thing Risk takers are money makers . so investing may loseing money or getting money.

5] Stay Focused your Path

Most Hardest Point , Staying focused is really hard when choice come to live or to stay .

The Glory is their at some point after no. of barriers but you cannot be sure after which , so Staying Focused is a point to be remebered .

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And Hope so it will help you.