About the LensMan

This is Chetan K, a keen Photographer with a passion toward Nature and Wildlife, currently located in India. Photography was born from my appreciation of all the beauty of wilderness and an inherent quest to explore the natural world around me and it happened in 2011 after couple of visits to the Himalaya’s.

To me Photography is all about being in the moment, and capturing that moment in a way that can relate to someone who didn’t have the privilege of being there with me.Many of the times I capture the way most folks would and sometimes iam able to capture a unique vision of the scene before me, but yet I always enjoy sharing the images and experiences.It is my hope that my images will somehow make people more aware of the beauty and importance of this wildlife, and would encourage them to Protect and preserve the Nature Around. It is our duty to protect and preserve the truly amazing nature all around us. 

Should you require the use of any of my images for possible publication, purchase selected prints or just contact me with general inquiries, please feel free to email me from my communication  page.I hope you enjoy looking around at my website, and please come back soon.

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